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RONA HU x NALAS​ 藝術珠寶 

Art Jewellery Collection inspired by "Ray of Light" - an art exhibition by Rona Hu

A highly collectible art object and pendant-brooch beyond aesthetics, RONA HU x NALAS Ray of Light art jewellery allows us to breathe with the artist, and appreciate her spectacular works from a novel perspective.


RONA HU x NALAS「Ray of Light」藝術珠寶本身就是極具欣賞和收藏價值的藝術擺設,同時可作吊墜和胸針佩戴,以嶄新的方式欣賞胡蓉女士的精彩作品,與它們同呼同吸。

Nalas, the region’s premier high jewellery brand with authentic art influences, has recently collaborated with internationally acclaimed artist Rona Hu to launch the magnificent Ray of Light art jewellery collection inspired by the artist’s three paintings namely Another World, Wish 2 and Self Amusement. An art object in essence, the three pieces of fine jewellery are considered wearable works of art.


NALAS與國際知名藝術家胡蓉女士(Rona Hu)携手推出「Ray of Light」藝術珠寶系列,首批作品根據胡女士創作的《別有洞天》、《所願2》和《自樂》三幅油畫製成集藝術擺設與珠寶首飾於一身的可佩戴藝術品。

18-karat white gold pendant-brooch

​$ (Price to be announced)

《 別有洞天 》

From Rona Hu’s most recent collection ‘Ray of Light’, the three paintings depict the vigorous dispositions of the protagonists with bright colours set against the otherwise substantial and solid background, whether be it the curious girl in Another World, the adorable puppy in Wish 2, or the jovial boy in Self Amusement. The artist’s passionate use of a green apple is evident throughout the canvases, portraying her confidence in and hope for a bright future. 


18-karat white gold pendant-brooch

​$ (Price to be announced)

《 自樂 》

Set in 18-karat white or yellow gold, RONA HU x NALAS Ray of Light art jewellery revives the vibrant colours of the original paintings by using enamelling technique. Nalas’ creative director instills the pieces with depth by constructing clean lines around the subjects, such as the trapezium for Another World and the circular frame for Wish 2, lending the pieces a three-dimensional and voguish quality.

RONA HU x NALAS「Ray of Light」藝術珠寶以18K白金或黃金製造。為如實還原畫作活潑鮮明的色彩,NALAS的珠寶設計師特意選用琺琅來重現畫作的繽紛色彩,加上簡單的綫條創造空間感,如《別有洞天》的梯形和《所願2》的圓形外框,令作品更立體,更時尚。

18-karat yellow gold pendant-brooch

​$ (Price to be announced)

《 所願2 》

Pre Order: 20 Dec 2022 - 21 Jan 2023


Order & Enquiries: Miss Bobo Pan @ 9388 1855  ​            訂購及查詢: 潘寶怡小姐 @ 9388 1855

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